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Inert Cover Validation

Coopers are vastly experienced in producing Build Phase Remediation and Validation Strategies and designs of inert cover systems to remediate land both prior to and during development phases.  Our designs for sites cover numerous end-uses, including residential, and are in accordance with CLR guidance. These are approved by Local Authorities and the NHBC.

Where developments have land quality planning conditions associated with contaminated land, our expertise include supervision and validation of the implementation of such designs, ensuring remediation works are completed as approved to achieve efficient sign off. 

Our on-site works typically comprise of the chemical/textural testing of site won or imported materials (in stockpile or in-situ) to ensure its suitability for placement within the inert cover system, with development specific analysis carried out as agreed by the local authority and warranty provider. Once the soils have been proven to be suitable for use, our site engineers excavate validation holes at an agreed ratio/spacing to the base of the inert cover system to confirm the sufficient depth. These will terminate onto a compacted hard-to-dig layer, approved geotextile membrane or underlying natural strata dependant on the development and agreed remediation strategy.

Our Validation Certificate provides a thorough and concise record of the remediation validation process which has occurred on the specific plots. The reports detail the requirements within the Build Phase Remediation and Validation Strategy, the inspection regime, details of the soils utilised within the inert cover system and its corresponding analysis appended and photographic records of the validations undertaken. The certificates are generally produced on a plot by plot/block by block basis during the development programme if staged completions are scheduled. Should it be preferred and possible, the validation records can be compiled into a completion report at the end of the development.

Using our excellent relationships with Local Authorities and the NHBC, we have adopted an approved method of documenting validation of inert covers in brief reports or certificates for regulatory review.  The acceptance of such Reports/Certificates by regulatory bodies allows land quality/planning conditions to be reviewed on a plot by plot basis during construction.  Our approved method proves highly successful allowing CML (council for mortgage lenders) inspections and clearance of conditions enabling completion of sales of plots prior to the end of the development. 

Full Rear Garden Validation StatusValidation Hole Depth CheckInert Cover System soil verificationEarly stage subsoil depth verificationProof of geotextile membrane placment at base of inert cover system

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