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Investigation and Stabilisation of Old Mine Workings and Shafts/Adits

Coopers have a proven track record of successfully investigating and designing mitigation measures for the treatment of shallow former coal mine workings and mine shafts within the Lancashire Coal Field as well as North Wales.

The role of Coopers initially comprises the desktop appraisal to determine the potential and likely extent of mining within the area of the site in question.  This involves a detailed research of the area including an interrogation of the data held by the Coal Authority, as well as extensive data held in house.

We design and supervise investigations utilising rotary boreholes to determine the depth and extent of voids/roadways present beneath the site, as well as surveying any shafts present on site which are accessible via CCTV.  Conjectured zones of instability requiring mitigation measures can then be determined and proposals for treatment may be formulated.

Coopers have the facility to combine the expertise of the structural and geotechnical departments to allow plot specific drill and grout plans to be produced together with tender documents if required.

The supervision of drill and grout operations is recommended as part of the Coopers package.

Rotary Drilling RigExposed Shaft Brick LiningShaft Cap ConstructionShaft Cap DesingFlooded Shaft Investigation using CCTVAbandoned Mine Plans Showing Shaft Locations

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